Mystery Movie Night

Philips Ambilight

Philips approached us to create a global campaign that would highlight the unique features of their ambilight televisions – the ambilight. That's when "Mystery Movie Night" was born, a simple question that got everyone focusing on ambilight – "Can you guess the movie by only watching the colours?".

Live across three different cities, you saw three different kinds of people enjoying a movie. Playing against the clock and other visitors live around the world to win Philips Ambilight televisions.

Role: Art Direction & Design

Before each city went live we gave people the opportunity to practice with the Movie Quiz. Guessing right not only confirmed you were ready for the challenge but gave you another chance to win an Ambilight TV.

In addition to the activational element of the campaign we also created a digital hub which showed off a behind the scenes of the "Darklight" demo film and gave further information about Ambilight. 

As a final test of the benefits of Ambilight we challenged the world to go up against pro games as they put the relaxing viewing experience of Philips Ambilight televisions through it's paces.

The Ambilight platform itself can be experienced seamlessly on a broad range of devices. This way you can compare features of Ambilight TV’s on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.